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An Insurance Agent’s Job

Insurance agent’s are often portrayed as nothing more than pushy salesmen. It’s one reason I prefer the description advisor to agent. Whether you call us agents or advisors the thing we do is help people identify risks that they have in their lives and help thosepeople to see the insurance solutions that exist to reduce those risks. Solutions cost money most of the time. Whether a person feels like spending the money, or has the ability to spend the money, is out of the insurance person’s hands. Before I go any further let me say that insurance agents are people too. If we wanted to cover every single risk of life with insurance we would all be waling to work because we would not have the money to do much else.

So what can an insurance agent do and how is it helpful to you?

1. A well trained agent can ask you questions and help you identify shaky spots in the plans that you have already made. The agent can also help you find the most cost-effective insurance solutions to help you fix the situation.

2. An agent can introduce you to products and solutions that you may have had no idea even existed.

3. An agent / advisor can help you see problems that you did not even know existed.

4. Most advisor / agents are independent of any one company and can therefore shop the marketplace of many different companies ( something you may not have the time; energy; or interest) to do to find the best solution for you.

5. Many insurance agents have knowledge in fields like law; accounting; building and construction; and employee human resources and are able to use this knowledge to help you see a bigger picture.

6. A good agent will keep up on changes in the law that could potentially effect their clients and therefore make you aware of these changes and what you need to do to remain compliant.

I don’t want to belabor the point. I and my colleagues in the property and liability field are ready to help you. You can reach me at 631 – 456 – 9363 or email me at