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As a life insurance agent I am called upon daily to defend the wisdom of a person buying life insurance. After many years of doing this I am kinda getting tired of being on defense. I feel like yelling.... If you don't know the reasons by now - you never will. But of course, yelling at people is not the best strategy when you are trying to be professional so instead.... I have created THE CYNICAL GUIDE TO LIFE INSURANCE so here are 8 good reasons for the cynics of the world.

1. A small yearly premium for life insurance will allow you to spend a lot of your money on frivolous things and still know that if the worst happened someone that you care about will continue to have cash to survive.

2. When you die instead of the people you have been providing for going into an absolute panic about money they will know you cared enough about them to offer a level of financial protection. Beneficiaries will think of you as wise and kind.

3. People are weird. Often times they don't take action until someone else starts the ball rolling. For example... let's say you have a partner in business. If that partner suddenly died you would not have the cash to buy their share of the business from the heirs and yet, your successful business will die if you get stuck with the next of kin from your deceased partner. Maybe... if you volunteer to buy life insurance your partner will get the hint and do the same thing.

4. Many types of life insurance build cash values on a tax favored basis and a pretty good rate of return. Some life insurance policies don't need you to die for YOU to benefit. For example policies that have long term care benefits which provide cash at a time when you are seriously ill or incapacitated. Some policies even have financial incentives for you to remain healthy and provide discounts at gyms; supermarkets when you buy healthy foods; and provide free fitness tracking devices.

5. A sudden medical problem might not kill you but it could make you uninsurable. At that point, you might be living with a lot of guilt and upset for not having taken action when you could have.

6. Balance out an inheritance. This one is the stuff novels and movies are made from. Let's say you have two children. One child from the day they were born demonstrated the capacity to take over your business whenever they wanted. Let's say your other child while extremely lovable and respectful could in no way get involved in running your business. Well if you arranged things so child one got the business as their inheritance and child two was named as the majority beneficiary in a life insurance policy you would have two children attending your funeral and both would know you loved them equally.

7. Sometimes it's better to give than to receive. Let's say for a good portion of your life you have cared about some cause be it religious; animal; environmental or whatever. Wouldn't you like it if in some way that charity remembered you for a long time? Well what is a great way to get remembered if you cannot just write a $ 500,000 check? That's correct! You buy a life insurance policy with a manageable premium and name the charity as the beneficiary. You write a check every year to the charity for the premium amount ( tax deduction and worthy cause). The charity pays the bill on the life insurance. When you die, the charity collects the policy. Guess who has a room named after him at the charity headquarters? YOU!

8. Last but not least... Let's say you know that a certain kind of medical issue runs in your family. You may or may not get that curse but on the other hand, you don't really know. For a very low sum monthly you can buy a term insurance policy that offers 20 or 30 years worth of coverage. In the meantime... your body has the time it needs to be a problem or not. Policies come with conversion rights which means that if you wanted to extend the length of coverage you could do so without having to supply need medical information and that is a very good option for someone who wants to start at a low cost and who can handle more cost down the road.

I don’t want to belabor the point. I and my colleagues in the property and liability field are ready to help you. You can reach me at 631 – 456 – 9363 or email me at
​Don't Be So Cynical About Life Insurance
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