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About Jerome Cohen Insurance
Jerome Cohen Insurance is owned and operated by Jerry Cohen. Since the firm opened its doors in 1986, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Trained as a social worker, I use skills of reflective listening and awareness of family or group dynamics to create insurance plans that reflect the individual concerns; budget and desire of the client.

Other companies may offer similar services, but we take the time that is needed to truly understand what makes the business or individual " tick "  as I develop a plan for you, and are backed by my personal  guarantee to be available when you need me..  
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Actual Client Situations - Client Profiles
​Carla - Age 55  Executive in a large not for profit organization. She earns in excess of $125,000 and owns her own home. Carla is a single mother with two adult children. She has already had discussions with two other financial 
" experts " before speaking with us. The first expert suggested she purchase a life insurance policy to protect her children in the event she were to pass away. They also emphasized the potential for cash value growth in the policy. The second expert advised that in light of her good health she purchase a long term care policy also - to protect her children. When she approached me she explained that she was very confused. In addition to the two experts - others were telling her to " save " her money and just add the funds to a savings account. After talking with her for awhile I said to her if there was a product that accomplished all three pieces of advice in one nicely designed package would you be interested in hearing the details? 

Dr. Silverman age 66 and Dr.Grey age 44 are the owners of a large dental practice. Each dentist owns 50% of the practice. Dr. Silverman was hoping to retire around age 65 but when the economic downslide occured in 2007 his retirement funds dropped substantially. Now, he does not feel that he has enough money available to provide the kind of retirement he wants. Dr. Silverman certainly can contribute a lot on a daily basis to treat patients and supervise the office staff. On the other hand, should he become permanently disabled he would still be entitled to 50% of the income from the practice without being able to contribute. This represents a tremendous exposure to Dr. Grey. A Disability Buyout funded by insurance is usually the answer in this kind of situation...only problems here are Dr. Silverman's age and list of pre-existing medical ailments. With our large list of insurance companies we were able to offer coverage at reasonable rates and a complete program of benefits.
Ron and Donna Grimaldi are a couple age 48 and 46. They have two daughters Robin age 15 and Jennifer age 12. They own their home in a fairly upscale neighborhood of a nice suburban community. Ron has a fairly secure position at a large company that has a steady stream of income. Donna has been working full time in a local, community bank. Her paycheck is not huge but the extra money does help and with two kids on the verge of college any extra money is welcome.Given their jobs, Ron and Donna both " assumed "  they had adequate insurance coverage from work and always put a full scale review of their insurance coverage on the back burner. It was not until Donna's good friend from work - Linda age 49 was struck down with cancer and passed away within a year that Donna started to really get concerned about her own family's financial security. When Linda died, her husband Marty was devastated - emotionally and financially. Donna being a good friend and a kind soul stood by as Marty struggled with taking care of his children and nd his business. A bad economy hurt Marty's struggling business and he was forced to close it. The money Linda was earning was to be a big part of the college costs for their two teenage children. When she died, Marty was forced to tell his older daughter  Lindsey - age 17 he could not afford to absorb the costs of the pivate college he had been considering.When Donna heard the news about the change in plans for Lindsey she was miserable. She did not want the same sad picture for her family. When I performed a review of Ron and Donna's work related benefits they were happy to learn that they had good benefits for medical bills and retirement savings but almost no coverage in the event of death or disability. I was able to show them cost efficient plans for protection in the case of death or disability for either parent.
The names of the people highlighted above have been changed to protect their confidentiality but are actual situations I have worked on. 
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